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A Trip Down Memory Lane--Sorta...

I've been grappling with a way to save this blog, in case somehow it wouldn't be available from the website, or some such thing.  I had hoped that the Squarespace website, would have a little button that you just pushed which would save everything we've done so far to a convenient little (or huge) file.    No such luck...

I didn't have the Adobe Suite on this machine, so I didn't have a Pdf writer--just the reader.  I started looking around on the web and found a cute writer, called "Cutepdf"  http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp 

I downloaded the writer and the conversation file in hardly any time with my slow connection.  I just followed the directions to get going, and it worked just fine (after I rebooted, which they didn't mention). 

Some of you folks out there had mentioned that you were saving the blog--thanks for the compliment, by the way--and this is pretty darn easy.  For some reason, it makes the blog look better, and the pictures stand out better than the website.  There is a box where you can call each page anything you want--I took the easy way out and just added the last date at the bottom of each page to the title.

The nice thing is that you can just punch up any web page you want in any order (after you have converted all 46 pages), and there it is right in front of you.

Anyway, I just finished doing the whole blog, and what a trip!!!  I didn't realize how many things we had done in six months, how many I had forgotten, and how I missed all of you really great folks out there.  So...you just have to put us in your future travel plans...




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