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Toilets for Titles!!!

Yesterday, we arrived home with the car packed with goodies for our "People's" house.  We just about shot our wad buying toilets and all the connections, shower building stuff, ceiling fan, kitchen sink, many fittings, valves, faucets, curtains, and some pipe and threading stuff.  We off-loaded it at Isidro and Agripina's house, and you wouldn't believe the smiles on their faces.  In fact, Isidro really lit us when he saw several packs of those neon light bulbs, and Agripina was all smiles when we unpacked an eight roll pack of TP (when we inspected there were four sheets folded up next to the toilet...)  We still have mucho to do, but this is a start.

What I really wanted to write about, however, is that now, whenever Agripina addresses me it is "Don Roberto"...so how about that?  If I'd only known many years ago, how easy it was to get a title, I would have started distributing toilets a lot sooner...

And, Agripina brought us up a hot "tipico Ecuadorean" lunch just before we broke out our regular bread and cheese, that we seem to have everyday.   It was darn tasty, but slightly richer and larger than our usual fare.  We gave her huge vibes...and she beamed.  They don't know that we cooked in our own restaurant for years, and we believe they think we can't cook.  For them, lunch is the largest meal of the day, and bread and cheese is for poor people.  It's hard to get thru to them, that even though we can afford more and better chow, it is the bread and cheese that we like. 

Well, this Don is going out to sit on the deck with his cohort the Dona, and watch for a green flash while the pollo is cooking...

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