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Random Pics of Montanita...

Casa%20Blanca%20sign%20boards.jpgMontanita is so colorful, that I have several pictures that just don't lend themselves to a theme, but they are pretty.  So here they are:STA73910.JPG  As we've mentioned before, paint is super expensive in Ecuador...the owner of this hostel must be independently wealthy...











The Funky Monkey is listed for sale at Internationsl Living.com for $295,000.  It has a nicely decorated restaurant, rooms for rent and a surf shop...so for all of you who have dreams of your own adventure--there you go!!!

Here is the sales website for a lot more info...



A colorful hostel sign...Surfer%20hostel%20sign.jpg




the new Casa Blanca menu...they still have the old menu which we use, which features the prices at about $4.50...we like that one better...but this gives you an idea of how English is sprouting up on all the signs.







This is the fence near the Casa Blanca that was the theme for our fence--the only difference, is tht our fence lets sea water out under it, so it won't be damaged by bigger waves.



Here is a shot of Rich with a Che Tee Shirt...Rich%20with%20Che.jpg

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