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It's Martha's Birthday--Let's Party!!!

Happy Birthday Martha!!!

We first met Martha and Bob in 1969--We had next door cabins in Strawberry, California--Bob used to make us all huge martinis chilled by the snow...great memories!!!

Martha and Bob became the proud owners of a Bed and Breakfast in Guerneville, CA in the 1980's after a visit with us at Bear Wallow--where Martha decided we were having too much fun, so they decided to buy an inn on the way back home...for years  later she said she hated us...

We've continued to be great friends over the years as Bob & Martha have joined us for numerous New Year's, July 4th, Memorial Day, and birthday parties--actually, any excuse for a party!!!

For the past several years, Rox and Martha have celebrated their April birthdays with trips to the coast.  So...tonight, as we dine at the Casa Blanca, we will raise a toast to Martha's birthday, and hope that Rox and Martha can continue their birthday tradition, next year in Ecuador!

Here's a shot of Martha and Jim at Rox's 60th...Martha%20%20Jim%20Rox%2060.jpg


and a couple more...Martha%20good.jpg





So Here's to you Martha...have a great one--we're thinkin' of ya!!!

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