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People adventures...

Rox and I walked to Montanita for lunch a couple of days ago, cause the car was all masked up for its new paint job. We actually tried to find another restaurant, but eventually ended up at the Casa Blanca, where Hector was his usual shining self.  Rox had a really good chicken salad, and I had my old standby of spaghetti with chicken Alfredo...and it was a good time all around.

The story here, is that we just about did ourselves in as we returned during a super high tide...The beach is so wide that usually there is plenty of sand to walk on, even with the tide in.   One place where it is a little dicey is where an abandoned shrimp laboratory meets the waves with crumpled concrete walls.  As we approached the concrete mess, we observed that the waves were breaking really high on the structure.   We thought that we might get by in between waves, but it is a 100 foot walk over broken concrete, sand, and water.   I looked for a way around, but the high walls stretched all the way to the highway, and everything was overgrown.  Rox decided to try the way thru the high rubble, which is the way we came before.   As she stepped around a corner where the tide had been flowing freely, she abruptly sank up to her waist in a hole that had not existed one hour previously.   She called out for help, because with every try to climb out, she sank deeper.   Fortunately, I was nearby, and was able to reach out and pull her out.  So...we decided to try another avenue, further back.


The path over slanting and wet concrete, and under old slabs of concrete with rusted rebar sticking down was a real adventure.  If it wasn't enough coping with the fear of falling or being crushed by an unexpected failure in the concrete, there was also the fear that a big wave would just slam us into the rubble.  We felt pretty darn claustrophobic going in under the concrete slabs, and I just about took a header into a pile of slanted rubble as my toe caught in a crack.  But, we made it, and have decided that from now on...it the tide is that high, we will just spend a buck on a taxi...

Oh...I forgot to add--half the chicks on the beach were naked!!!

Now the above statement is sort of lying with statistics...it was pretty slow on the beach, there were about ten gals total and five of them were in their birthday suits...it made the walk a lot nicer, however...

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