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Still more People Adventures

We have become quite friendly with the four guys who are working themselves to death hammering on that ugly concrete ruin next door.  I think they love to have a blond chick wave to them every morning, frankly...

We have commented frequently, on how hard the Ecuadorians work.  Their work ethic is unbelievable, while their pay is abysmal.  The combination of no sex education, no birth control (thanks to the church), and a slow economy (thanks to the incredible fall in the value of the Yankee Dollar), has created a huge labor pool of men who wish to work very hard to support a family, many of which were started when that man was a mere fourteen years old.  This huge supply of willing workers has kept average wages below $2.00/hour.

So, these guys next door have been pounding on that concrete for nine hours a day for less than $15.00!  And it is truly dangerous work!!!

What is tragic, is that there are dozens of guys that would gladly do the work for a chance to take home a weekly check.

So...yesterday, the inevitable happened.  One of the guys was injured pretty seriously when he rode a girder down to the jagged pile of rubble as the piece gave way sooner than expected.  fortunately he did not have any body part under the girder when it hit.  But, we believe that he said that something hit him on the back, and it is obvious that he suffered lots of lacerations on his arms and legs, but  the back seemed most injured.


Since we are right across the street from the hospital, we figured he would trot over there to get checked out.  But, about a half hour later, we see that he still sitting under a tree while his buddies are renewing their efforts to crunch the building.  Rox went over to see how he was and inquire about why he did not go to the hospital.  He was vague, but said that he would just stay on the job, albeit not swing a sledge hammer...


So...several minutes later I took him some Advil, and he seemed pleased to get it, but he was adament that he did not need to go to the hospital.  We finally figured out, that he was scared to death that he would lose his place on the crew.  He told us that the rest of the guys were filling in for him, but these guys did not do much of a job later, as the injured man had always been the leader in most swings and time swinging that sledge hammer.  We found out later, that he had gone home.

We will see today, Saturday, how he is doing.Ruins%20almost%20down.jpg


He, basically, rode the girder facing us into the ground--doesn't look like much, unless you are the cowboy...

Saturday morning update:  The crew showed up this morning quite late, and dressed in street clothes.  They threw some rebar around, and moved a couple of pieces of concrete, but not much more.  A little later, they were hanging around by the fence and waved to Rox.  She figured that he wanted to talk to her, and I went over, also, since was moving the sprinkler.  He showed us his lower abdoman, where he said a friend of his taped him up, and said that most of the pain was gone but not all of it.  He asked me if he could have another Advil, and I said "of course" and went up and got him two for now and two for later.  We figured that we were the only place where he could go to get pain relief, so all of that standing around this morning, was the crew supporting him while he asked for a couple of Advils...

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