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Things are poppin' here, and that's good...

We have a spate of little things to report and the glimmer of a larger thing...


First off, we have had no rain for three weeks in a period where there should be mucho.  Consequently the price of bread and other flour based food has gone way up.  The bakery where I buy our lunch time rolls in Olon, has it doors closed.  The bakery in Montanita has a few three day old sweets, but no "normal" bread or rolls, and the bakery where I used to buy mucho when the guys were working, In Cadeate, has some but not much.

Speaking of finally going to Cadeate, I was making the U-turn to park in front of the bakery, when one of the guys, in a group of unemployed, sitting on some benches, started yelling greetings with a big smile--turns out he is the injured worker whom we treated to six Advils.  He was dressed up normally, had a big smile on his face, and was waving to me, and explaining to his cohorts, that I was the gringo who had helped him.  Good vibes all around.


The bad vibes are that the building next door is a pile of rubble now, and they are not on the job to help clear it.  I guess the owner got a crew who could work a lot cheaper to just haul it off.  We'll see.  It seems to me that the guys who just about ruined their health tearing the building down should get some of the easier stuff now...here's what the ruins look like now..ruins%20down.jpg

On a good note, our iguanas have been mighty scarce during the demolition, and I think they could hardly stand the constant hammering.  But yesterday, I saw the little baby one that is now about 9 inches of body and 12 inches of tail.  He doesn't seem scared of me--let me walk up to within two feet of him yesterday, and then sauntered off.  Saw the big one with the orange stomach, and a new one that was sort of pencil lead grey...new to me.  So all in all, a good start for the day.iguana%20and%20burros.jpg

Then we had another smashing sunset, saw the green flash (it happens almost every night), so we figure that is good luck.

I have often wanted to report this, but didn't want to jinx ourselves--but we have been on the beach for seven months, and have never, not once, seen any fog.  We see the sun set in the distance every night!  When we lived near Santa Cruz, CA, we could count on the overcast and fog to begin arriving about three in the afternoon, almost every day.

Our "people" are having a great time with their new stuff--the ceiling fan is up and running--looks great.  They have finished painting the living room, and they couldn't wait to drag us in to see how the new Robin's egg blue was transforming their bedroom.  I took Isidro down to the lumber yard two days ago, and we bought a new ridge beam, rafters, and cross members for the room that leaks so much.  When it was delivered, he dragged Rox down to look at the pile of goodies, and he was beaming ear to ear...

The new paint job on the car looks great--we have to wait awhile until it dries completely (they don't do "baked" paint jobs), then they have two different kinds of rubbing compound which will be used to smooth out the last coat, and then waxed...looks great to me already...

And finally, we are heading off to Cuenca in an hour and a half, and I have to break down the computer and printer and about a million chargers, and a whole bunch of wire, and get it packed for the 8 hour trip.  I wanted to get a little update on the blog first.

Our adventures in Cuenca will be coming up...




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