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Cuenca is in our present...

Rox%20in%20mirror.jpgWell, just arrived in Cuenca for a longer stay this time.  Our hotel is basic, but right downtown in the fun area.  What blows our mind, is that we are right downtown, and it is absolutely quiet like a tomb.  We hear no traffic, talking, or dogs barking.  'Course we miss hearing the waves crashing, but they will be there when we return.


Our trip into the Andes and over the pass was like something out of Sound of Music.  The sun was shining and the hills or mountains were absolutely emerald green.  We got some shots of the colorful indigenous people, and the standard overturned truck...


My normal internet connection is sort of acting weird, but I was able to pick up a hot spot here in the hotel room, and it seems to work fine.  I tried to load some pics about six hours ago, and they timed out.  I am hoping that with less traffic on the site, that the pics will actually load.


Here is a cute pic of mom and daughter taken by RoxMother%20daughter.jpg


And, there is a pic that combines costumes with overturned truck, so twofer...Truck%20wreck.jpg


How about a little pic of the road ...we really like having an SUV...road%20out.jpg


Several more shot that show the flavor and beauty of the region









This was the view we had when we pulled over for our standard integral, meaning whole wheat, cheese, Coca Cola Zero, and Vino...It took the traffic from that road you see below a full ten minutes to reach our lunch site...looking%20%20overr%20the%20Andes.jpg

With this shot I tried to capture the majesty of the Andes, but it is only me and a camera...you can't digitize the wonderful  cool, clean air, the grass and flower aromas, the the absolute magic of the human eye and brain...ya got ta be here for that...

Well, I discovered that this hot spot is just like lightning at midnight when all the other users are in bed.  I am loading pics in about one minute...quite a record...

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