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And now a word about the weather...

Lately, the weather report for the upper 48 seems to show that spring is just around the corner, but still hiding out--especially since I see that Grants Pass was 31 cool degrees on this April morning...

So...I thought I'd tell you a little about the weather at the Equator...

For starters, it is always mild, and here at the coast, we have a continuous sea breeze that cools us even on the hottest days...sometimes, we could use a little more breeze, but what the hey?  Anyway, the temp is usually between 70 and 80 degrees F.  It is quite a bit hotter than that if you get to larger cities or inland quite a bit.

As for seasons, there is no Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring--just the wet and dry seasons.  We have now lived thru the end of transition months from the dry season, and thru the wet season, and have now begun the transition months which bring the dry season once more.  For those who are counting, it goes like this...Oct and Nov change from dry to wet, which is roughly Jan,Feb,Mar and then April & May change you to Dry for the summer months...then Oct and Nov take over again.

About two weeks ago, we felt a sea change in the weather, it was like mother nature flipped a switch...The huge waves died way down, and some days they are so placid that it feels like we are in a lake front cabin at Lake Tahoe..I can actually hear Rox talking to me as we sit on the deck, plus we don't hear those thunderclaps as a quarter mile of wave crest hits the surface all at once.  We still get some big wave series, but nothing like a couple of months ago.

We feel much less humidity now as the breezes carry drier and cooler air...

And...amazingly enough, the mosquitoes have diminished a lot, and are much more subdued. 

We have had no rain for two weeks, and we are really still just at the end of the rainy season.  We are looking for more.  In fact, Rox keeps a log that includes the weather, and she just told me that we had not had rain in the daytime since February 5.  Even though Ecuador had the most rain it's had for 25 years, we didn't see much flooding here, it was mostly confined to flatland areas.  It was a drought buster, because there had not been sufficient rainfall for a number of years.  In fact, we were amazed how much of the countryside that we considered desert, suddenly converted to jungle-like vegetation during the last several months...this included an amazing number of wild flowers...

The sun sets a little more due west from our dining room table, so that means that it is a few degrees to the north of center as we look out to sea.  If you look the the map, you will see that our town Manglaralto is situated on the back side of the "C" and faces about WestSouthWest.

For the last couple of months the sun set exactly at 6:30, and was up again at 6:30.  It kind of slides toward 6:00 later on.

Here's the map...you will be tested later...  http://www.vivecuador.com/MapaTuristicoEcuador.jpg  remember, when this loads on your computer it comes up on the Galapagos which are located 600 out in the ocean, so you have to scroll to the right to see the mainland...I just checked the map myself and found that Manglaralto is not listed--so just look for Montanita--we are 1.8 miles to the south.  Montanita is where we eat at the Casa Blanca...

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