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A Quiet, but really fun, birthday in Cuenca

Well, first of all, Rox wishes me to thank all of you for the really great emails and fun remembrances of great times gone by.  This is still coming to you from an internet cafe...hopefully, I will have cable lightning fast, and wireless normal all at once tomorrow.  So...I just printed out a slew of good wishes for Rox to read at home. 


We had planned to go out to an Arabian restaurant for her birthday dinner, but that was before puppy, so we had a nice little Bear Wallow type dinner at our new condo.  Usually, the steak you buy here is a little chewy to say the least, but I discovered a whole Filet Mignon loin which still included the Chateaubriand portion. a whole bunch of baking potatoes, salad stuff, and a nice bottle of London Dry gin, for martoonies...


The filet roll was everything we wanted it to be...just like Bear Wallow.  there is a Bar B Que included in the stuff that came with the condo, so I just bought a little starter fluid, and off we went... I had forgotten how different charcoal was to cook with, but it all came back, and we ended up with huge filets with charcoaled outside and medium rare insides...


And...the little cute puppy, who is all well now (in spades), just sort of went to sleep on roxes foot, so everything was just perfect...


We had nice talks about all of the fun birthdays that we had celebrated in the past, and how this was certainly different, but good...


And...since there is a terrific European influence in Cuenca, the birthday cake that I bought at SuperMaxi was more of an Austrian delight.  It had a chocolate upper layer including a vanilla swirl, and a lemon bottom which has some kind of mocha soft candy bottom.  Since there are just two of us to eat this, we had more this morning with coffee...you may be sure that more walking and phase I of the South beach diet are just around the corner...right now...it is like heaven to have this wonderful stuff with coffee as we watch the sun light up the clouds over the 10,000 foot mountains that we see from our windows... birthday%20cake.jpg


Just got the news that Martha S, whom most of you know, just came through her open heart surgery with flying colors...so good news all around.


So, thanks again for all the wll wishes...I am heading out to give them to Rox now...


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