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Six Months and Counting...

Well, we celebrated our six month anniversary of our arrival in Ecuador last night...Where else, but at the Casa Blanca...


We took a long look at what we have accomplished so far and were pretty darn satisfied with the progress.  We spent a considerable amount of time planning our next several moves and projects, and will discuss those as they near fruition.  Some fun stuff is in the works...stay tuned...

The Casa Blanca continues to change, and we adapt reluctantly with it...Roberto, our favorite chef, finally quit for the final time.  We now have a charming young lady chef, who actually cooks with a more delicate touch than her predecessor, so we are happy.


I have become stuck on a wonderful dish, that is certainly not dietetic, but gooood...It is called simply "Spaghetti with Chicken" (en espanol, por supuesto), but it is delicious.  It is made by just barely letting the spaghetti finish cooking, and then mixing really hot pieces of hot chicken breast in and then stirring a copious amount of grated parmesan cheese.  (I tip her each time, so I get mucho queso).  It is basically an Alfredo sauce added to the above ingredients.  Try it at home, it grows on you...

Rox loves her fried squid with fried rice, salad, and French fries--as we've said before, this is the best preparation we have had of this dish, since we discovered it 38 years ago in the Canary Islands.  And, last night everything was cooked to perfection.  We've had to educate them somewhat, in that it is not necessarily felt in some restaurant kitchens, that the food should arrive at the table  for everyone at the same time.  We changed that...now both arrive, and they are hot...(another little lesson learned)...

Here we are at the bar...it looks as if Rox picked up some ol' coot...STA73751.JPG


And here's is our waiter for the night...STA73752.JPG




I was looking thru the harddrive, and discovered a pic of Rox and me in the Canary Islands where we first discovered breaded, fried squid and learned to love it.  This was a brand new little house called "Typico Canario"  no electricity or running water, but we had gas lights and a tank on top for water pressure.  We rented the place for six months at $60.00/mo.  It was a great time to kick over the traces and learn first hand what Vietnam was doing to our country...and to its citizens...that story has been written many times, and I wonder if there will ever be an ending...Bob%20%20Rox%20Mogan.jpgThe Canary Islands are off the west coast of Africa 60 miles across the Atlantic from Morrocco...This pic was taken in 1970--38 years ago...

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