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Sunday Mornin' Sidewalk...

It seems that I get a lot of title ideas from my favorite songs...take a bow Johnny...

We woke up this morning to weather that couldn't be better if it had been specially ordered--70 degrees, cool, dry breeze, a few clouds in the sky to show how pink the sunrise really can be...and the tide was out well over 100 yards from our gate... 

We decided to take a walk while we still had a little cloud cover...it seemed to take forever to walk across the beach to get to the water.  After beach%20rox.jpgdipping our collective toes in the water, we could look way back at the house...the sand was level where we were standing, so a person could have gone for another 200 yards without even having to swim a stroke.  The water was also 70 degrees--in fact, it seemed warmer than the ambient air...



Here is a shot of the beach looking south...on this morning, they could have landed the Space Shuttle on automatic pilot, and not sweated a thing...beach%20shot%20tide%20out%20Cadeate.jpg



Here's a shot of Rox ankle deep in water...STA73771.JPG


and here is a shot from the deckSTA73781.JPG



And, I bet you woke up this morning wondering if pelicans really do fly in "V" formations, well, here's the answer...Pelicans%20in%20V%20formation.jpg

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