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A little tip trip to Chordeleg, Gualaceo, & Sigsig

Took a little trip out to the above mentioned towns yesterday...it was an early Saturday morning so these normally busy little tourist towns were still on the sleepy side.  There had been rain during the previous evening, and it was misty as we drove around.  The vendors and shop owners followed us with their eyes, hoping  that we would turn on in at their place of business.Indi%20lady%20skirt%20outfit%20store.jpg..If you check out the offerings, you can almost put together in your mind, the total colorful outfit that is seen on so many of the hard working indigenous women.  Colorful skirt, velour top, jewelry, and panama hat...


And at the same store are these racy numbers for those ladies' young daughters to wear at the disco?Racy%20skirt%20at%20indi%20lady%20store.jpg



a view at the numerous offerings by artisans...STA74103.JPG


And a look at some of the gold and silver jewelry stores...they are everywhere  around these townsjewelry%20stores.jpg


and a sleepy street scene from Chordeleg...chordeleg%20street%20scene.jpg





And, on a  totally new subject, remember about a month ago when I posted the picture of the "rocket to Heaven" church...well It's here in Chordeleg, and they have just painted it!!!  The pastel colors kind of take away from the space ship look, but, you may be sure that this is a very successful church, in that the paint alone, would have cost a fortune down here...rocket%20church%20new%20paint.jpg




Here is the church when it really looked like a rocket...rocket%20to%20heaven%20silver.jpg


This is a side of the main square in Sigsig where we stopped for lunch...Things were beginning slowly on this Saturday morning...Sissig%20scene.jpg


We cut up our cheese and black bread rolls, broke out the wine and Coca Cola Zero and had lunch overlooking this square...Sigsig%20square.jpg


And to end this segment, here is a picture of the entrance statue to Chordeleg...winged%20victory%20entrance%20to%20Chordeleg.jpg

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