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Goin' to the Doctor...

Well, it had been quite a while since either of us had been to the doc for a check up, so we decided that we would take the recommendation of our Real Estate agent, and use his family's doc.  His wife is a doctor, also, so we figured they must have checked him out already.  Turns out, he is a board certified internist, and specializes in diseases in the lungs, in addition.  He is slated to go to a huge medical conference in Chicago next month. 


Rox and I decided to go on down to the hospital where his office is, and just walk in and ask for an appointment.  We figure we can get fitted in before we take off for the Coast.  Well, we talk to the reception lady, and she has us write down our names, and then tells us it is $50.00.  So we go on down to his waiting room, wait about 20 minutes, and out he comes, with our little paper in his hand, and beckons us to come on in.

He asks us what is ailing us, and we tell him that we just want a check up.  He says OK, and off we go with dueling histories, exams, tests, advice, and prescriptions.  He spends about an hour with us, goes over Rox's Kaiser test results, and sends me down for a Blood clotting test, since I haven't had a blood test for seven months.  (I take a blood thinner).  He tells us to come back tomorrow for the results.

So, back we come at 10:00 am, and wait about five minutes, he takes us in and tells Rox that her blood work is perfect, and asks me for mine.  It is perfect, also.  And, most surprisingly, I hit the clotting time perfectly even without a test for seven months.  So, we are prepared to pay again, and he says that the follow-ups are free. 

So, we get checked out, which we think is about four hours of the doctor's time, get blood work and results, and walk out the door with a clean bill of health, and the total price for both of us was $67.00.  Kaiser was charging us each over $500.00 per month, and charges members $20.00 for each visit.

Although, we each had excellent doctors in the States, we just love this guy, who by the way, speaks excellent English.  And, now we have a medical contact here in Cuenca.  We live right across from the hospital at the Coast, so we figure we are covered.  We just don't want to use any of it, thank you.  That's why your mama told you to eat your veggies... 

Posted on Tue, May 13, 2008 at 01:34PM by Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne | Comments1 Comment

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What is the contact information of the physician and hospital you went to? Thank you. Shelley

August 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterShelley

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