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Dancing Bull on Fire

As we were getting ready for bed Saturday night, we began to hear some pretty jazzy music, which seemed loud enough to be coming from another apartment in our building.  We listened for about 30 minutes, and then heard fireworks mixed into the music.  Thinking that it was pretty dangerous to use fireworks in a condo, we looked over our balcony to see what was going on. 


Well, six stories down, there is a lighted soccer, volleyball, basketball court combo, and tonight it was set up as a little celebration.  We quickly determined that it was not a wedding, as the average age seemed to be about 40.  Some younger, but many folks in the sixties and seventies.  People were dancing and talking and generally having a good time, while a number of seniors sat with lap robes and enjoyed the spectacle.


And then they started to shoot fireworks straight up and sometimes straight over our building.  There was a whoosh, and a trail of fire that went straight up, started on a downward arc, and then exploded with a terrific bang.  A couple of time we thought we might have to duck back inside as a fiery trail looked a lot closer than it really was.


Next, there was a bull made of paper and framed in wood that could be carried by a man who danced to special music.  This was interesting, until his friends called him over and started lighting off little spikes that were all over the bull.  Well, it turned out that each spike was a whole bunch of fireworks!!!  Each module contained a bunch of regular fire crackers, and several "side winders".  For those of you who escaped a "misspent youth", a sidewinder is a firework that shoots sideways, spurring sparks as it spins really fast, and it whistles so loudly that it hurts your ears.

 These sidewinders also had a charge that sent them out about 40 feet before they did their work.  Several landed in the guest of honor tent, and in adjacent yards.  Mostly, it made people "dance" just like the bad guys in westerns used to do to tenderfoots who arrived in a wild western town.


After the bull had shot his load, they brought out a 10 foot high "statue of liberty", similarly equipped with lots of the same fireworks.  This one not only sent charges sideways, but automatically sent up a bunch of ordnance straight up about 200 feet in all kinds of colors and flash bang sounds.  If you folks will go back a few entries, you will see an  overview of the city of Cuenca, well these fireworks were all taking place in the same densely populated town. 


And after all went quiet for a while, Rox said to me, "I think they have a fire out there", and sure enough, one of the erratic sparks had someone's shed going up in smoke.  It was in an interior court yard, so no fire trucks, and a bucket brigade quickly formed, and the fire was out in about 20 minutes, but it was close to breaking thru the roof.

  So that was our Saturday night--by the way, Coco was a little scared, but she didn't cower or cry...little dog--big spirit...
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