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Our Condo is finally Ours...

As a lot of you know, we moved into our Condo about three weeks ago...We were supposed to have closed escrow by that time, but a few hurdles still remained.  We didn't want to spend a whole bunch of time paying for hotels, so the sellers allowed us in prior to the transfer of ownership.  Well, yesterday, it all came together, and we now own it.

It is only five years old, on the sixth floor, (top floor), came furnished with nice furniture, paintings on the walls, and all of the kitchen stuff you need to make a meal. We have a nifty set of double OTIS elevators that take us right from our car's parking place in the underground garage right to our door.  There is also a thoughful little cart that just fits in the elevator that takes everything that we can afford to buy in one trip, right up to our floor...

 It is located on the west side of Cuenca, and we can drive right to the middle of town in about 10 minutes (maybe 15).


We really like Cuenca, and we figured that we could use the dough that we were going to use for the destruction of the eyesore next door to us at the beach.  Since the eyesore is now leveled, we are happy to have a nice and livable condo in this beautiful city...which reminds us a lot of San Francisco, where both Rox and I were born.

Here are a couple of pics...Condo%20LR.jpg


Actually, it's so nice, that we had it rented out three weeks before we even closed escrow.  We are busy making sure that this really nice lady from Shreveport likes it and has everything she needs, when she arrives.  We bought a new "pillow top" queen bed for the Master bedroom a couple of days ago, and will try it out for only a couple of days before we take off to the coast.Condo%20Kitch.jpg

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