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Some pics of Cuenca people...

We are now connected to a super fast wireless connection, exactly as we use at the coast, and a more super fast one from our TV Cable people...so I guess, it is feast or famine...but I like the feast part...


Coco has finished most of her medication and is thriving...we could bore you with her antics, but suffice to say, she actually has been able to get to her little kitty litter box and take her leak there four times in a row--not bad for a baby puppy...We still have to negotiate Number Two...but she is small, etc.  She is down on the floor now nibbling on my toe nails as I write this--it's still hard for us to believe that there is a total doggie personality in such a small package...Plus, Rox has taught her to fetch a rolled up piece of paper and bring it back...


Rox had taken some pictures with her birthday camera, so here are some of them...Cuenca%20clouds.jpg


that is the view of the town and Andes out our window.

chick%20backpack%20small.jpgNice backpack,



These young boys marching, knew when to smile when Rox said "chese"


Here's coco in a kitty bed...coco%20small.jpg












A church front in the main square...church%20front.jpg



more view from our condo...







This red-orange place is a topless pole dance hall and a little more--those upstairs rooms are part of the place...






These indigeneous ladies are in the main market that just blows our minds...cuenca%20lady%20smiling.jpg


The ice cream here is very e

European...and gooooood...Cuenca%20ice%20cream%20lady.jpg






a few more parade pics...clowns%20small.jpg









and a blast from the past...a pic of our Bear Wallow party with Guy...Rox%20Bob%20Guy%20at%20BW.jpg



Just noticed that the pics from Ruth are in the background...thanks again Ruth...


coco again....coco%20with%20sunglasses.jpg








This is the nice lady who raised Coco from a baby...she spoke great English, as she had two daughters living in New Jersey, and has visited them sometimes.  She had both parents at her home, and we observed that Coco was alert, good eye movement, active, with clear eyes and ears...so far, so good...Coco%20with%20sales%20lady.jpg






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