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"A Tree Grows..."

Usually, I just knock out a title for an entry, and off I go...but I had about a dozen false starts with this one, and it's only one picture.  I guess I'm just still reeling from far too much CNN, and yearning to get back to a much simpler life at the beach with no TV.


What I'm trying to get across in this picture is a statement about this whole Ecuadorian Society.  It is not filled with hate and aggression--The people here have significantly less than just about everyone in the US, but they have a smile on their faces most of the time, work hard to barely make ends meet (if they are lucky), and pretty much keep their noses aimed at business at home.


The lot in the picture is the result of a huge, and I mean huge, back hoe, that knocked down about a five story building next to the hospital where we got our physicals.  Probably to build a new wing.  Daily, there was a lot of activity, and a lot of trucks being loaded, and finally, there was the ground leveling before all the equipment departed.


Now I am going to put the whole pic in here...so it might load slowly, but you sharp eyed folks, just might see that in all this demolition and chaos, everyone danced gently around this little four foot tree.  And if that's not being a kinder, gentler society, I don't know what is!!!Tree%20in%20rubble.jpg

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