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It's All Downhill to the Beach...

It's 4:00 am in the morning on a Saturday that promises to be partly cloudy with a rain forecast for every large city that we will pass through.  I have shorts and sandals set out on the bed, and am thinking that I will just wear the long  pants and dress shirt, similar to the outfit that I've been wearing for the last month here in Cuenca.


Cuenca is a wonderful city, full of history, life with a purpose, and obvious affluence.  This city is looking forward to a bright future.  As we go downhill from the 10,000 foot mountain passes that surround Cuenca, we will slide backwards in time and affluence until we reach the flatlands on the way to Guayaquil, the second largest city in Ecuador.  This city is a huge, bustling and forward looking place.  My impression is that the charm of Cuenca is definitely lacking.  We will pass through there as quickly as we can.  Getting lost in this city is easy, as they do not have one sign that enables a traveler to traverse its hundreds of unmarked city blocks.  We have a street map with our route clearly marked...but we know that much of the time, we will be using our compass to make sure that we are still heading west.


After we get through Guayaquil, we make a mad dash for the coast, and the ocean.  We turn north at a little shortcut about 20 miles east of Salinas.  From here on the road gets filled with pot-holes, the towns become markedly poorer, as the people struggle to make a living as they did one hundred years ago, mostly from the farm and the sea.


But, we are looking forward to every minute of it!!!  The ocean, the laid back lifestyle, and the friendly people, welcome us back as if we had been there 20 years instead of seven months.

We can't wait to get back to the beach to show Coco how much fun it is to play in the sand and the receding waves.


The alarm just went off, and we are now going to do that controlled frenzy known as getting ready to giddy-up.


Here the website of the map...just find Cuenca on the map go northeast and then head west out of the Mountains from Azoques, and you will see our trip back...  http://www.vivecuador.com/MapaTuristicoEcuador.jpg 


Much more later...

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