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Coastin' down the Andes to Surf, Sea, Sun, & Sand...

We hated to leave Cuenca, 'cause it's a really great city, but at 8300 ft, it does get its share of rain, and it's cold at night.  Not bad when you like to pull up the covers like I do...but it was time to giddy up, so we made a dinner out of everything left in the fridge, and it was pretty darn good...Cuenca must have known we were leaving 'cause it lit up the sky like a volcano going boom!Andes%20Sunset%20Cuenca%20small.jpg


It was a great sunset, but we had to go.  We loaded the SUV with all our junk and Coco, and headed downhill (you actually have to go up about 1800 more feet to get out of the bowl, then drive for about an hour at 10,000 feet, before you begin your long slide into the flatlands and the dreaded Guayaquil...Of Course we got lost again...

In fact, we had a double whammy in Zhud, where we were supposed to turn west to the Coast, and missed the sign and were blocked from seeing the road, by a bus stalled in our line of view.  We discovered that we were going north to Quito after driving north for 42 kilometers.  So...we turned around and drove back, a little faster this time.

Getting lost in Guayaquil is common, in that there is not one sign to help you navigate through the second largest city in Ecuador.  We missed one turn, and wound up about 20 blocks too far south into the heart of the business district.  Fortunately it was Saturday.

Before arriving in Guayaquil, we got to witness some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth...a camera does not begin to tell the story...take a look...Andes%20top%20of%20world%20small.jpg


And, of course, it wouldn't be Ecuador if the jungle wasn't trying to gain a foothold everywhere...take a look over my shoulder...Bob%20Coco%20big%20jungle%20leaf%20small.jpg


As I write this, Coco is asleep under the desk, and I am wiggling my toes to sift the sand onto the floor as it dries.  It is great to be wearing shorts and tee shirts again.  Took Coco out on the beach to play in the waves, and needless to say, she was scared, not only of the huge noise of crashing waves, but of those pesky little foamy waves that kept trying to lap up on her little feet.  She's pretty brave, though, 'cause she will run to us after the foam recedes a little.  We got her good and tired, and it paid off later.  Here are a couple of pics of Rox holding her in the surf and in front of the house...Coco%20Rox%20in%20surf%20%20small.jpg








And, we were missing eating at the Casa Blanca so much, that we piled in the car and off we went to Sunday afternoon chow call...took Coco, too...with a little trepidation, but she was so tired from the beach frolics, that she just passed out under the chair and never moved the whole time we ate...here is a shot of her helping me to decide to order arroz con camoron...(rice with shrimp)...Bob%20%20Coco%20at%20Casa%20Blanca.jpg




All in all, a great start for our next stay at the beach...

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