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Right now, we're watching the ice melt in our glasses, and the grass grow under our feet...

I've been feeling a little guilty for neglecting to make any new entries, but frankly, we have been kicking back, reading our slew of new books, taking a lot more beach strolls with Coco, and just cooling it a lot.  We go off to our Friday night Casa Blanca dinner in about four hours, and plan to take Coco again.   Freshly bathed I might add.


With the sun's rays concentrated more on the northern hemisphere, we are getting a little cooler temps lately.  Even being on the Equator, we feel the coolness at night, and pull up a blanket.  We have a little more cloud cover, so we don't have to fight the sun as much.  I could compare it to spring in Santa Cruz--you know, when they have their good weather...not fog all the time...

Here is a lazy pic of lazy waves, shot from the deck about ten minutes ago.  The beach looks just as empty for miles in each direction, and the water is just a serene.lazy%20beach%20scene.jpg

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