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Cuenca Kids--one more time

We took a ride yesterday, and discovered these three kids walking with their puppy.  We showed them Coco, so we immediately had their attention.  Rox didn't want to wait until she had a group of "new" kids to put in the blog, so here are the three shots she took...Kids%20with%20puppy.jpg





kids%20three%20again.jpgknow, It's kind of unusual to put in all three shots of the same group of kids, but there was only this little group, and each pic had some allure, so why choose--just put them all in...

By the way, after Rox got her new camera for her birthday, we got to talking about shooting pics in general, and she told me that never, in her whole life, had she had her own camera...she is now making up for lost time...

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