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You can't know too much Spanish...

Our Spanish gets a little better all the time, but the bad part of that is that we also learn how much more, we still need to learn...

We know quite a few words, but our ability is string them all together in a conversation, in a timely manner, is sort of hit and miss, so we decided to take another week of lessons in Montanita.  There is a nifty little language school there that combines, learning Spanish, surfing, and snorkeling all in one big offering.  We chose to concentrate on the language part only.

We got another really great teacher--Rosamilia, who is from Peru,  married to an Ecuadorian, and was just what we needed.  She speaks with a more rounded pronunciation that we understand easily.  The locals tend to "chew" or "swallow" their words, while dropping much of the last syllable.  We are understanding the local residents better these days, but more slowly.

Rosamiia's husband, Fernando, makes delightful jewelry, which they sell in a "gift shop" located in an upscale hotel right on the beach where the best surfing is located.  He learned his trade in Italy, and his jewelry shows it!

We spent each two hour lesson speaking only in Spanish to Rosamilia, and since we all talked all the time, it was a great experience.  Now we both have a lot more confidence when speaking to the locals.  We know that we can get our point across, if we just slow down and think, and don't just blast out a word that is wrong, or pronounced incorrectly.  (altho, we still do that a bunch)...

Our friend Guy, whose birthday was featured a few entries back, spent a week in Grants Pass, saw some of the old haunts, went out to din din with Art and Ruth, and Rich and Nancy, and even got his hair cut from our favorite barber, Terri.

Well, as he and Terri were talking, he mentioned that we had a blog, and that he would send her the address when he got home.  Well, Terri didn't want to wait, so she just went to Google, and punched Bob & Roxanne Hedges Ecuador, and we popped right up!  She sent us an email, and said that she was happy to make contact again.  She also sent her condolences about Coco--kind of a rough time to get on board.

I tried the Google thing, and we pop up if you write "bobnrox" Ecuador.  So if you forget our blog address, it is easy to find.  It comes up in the middle of the blog, so you have to kind of move around in it.  Or just hit "main".

We continue to get wonderful emails about Coco, and they help a lot, so thanks again folks for all of your wonderful thoughts and support.

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