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How about a little uplifting story...

We took a little ride on the beach yesterday to see if any more homes might be for sale in the Olon area, and to check out a listing that we had seen on the internet.  The beach home looked good, had a lot of bedrooms and baths, said it was on the ocean, and was $178,000--too good to be true...and it was...another home was situated between it and the beach...

And...as returned home and Agripina let us in the gate, we could tell that she was anxious to tell us something, so we got out of the car, and followed her into her and Isidro's little casa.  She was beaming as she showed us how the new paint had transformed the living room--it was now bright, where before the color was navy blue, plus she pointed out how nice the new fan was, with its built in lights which made the room light up more.  We then followed her into the bedroom and looked at the other bedroom (sewing room) which were now her favorite color, Robin's egg blue.  She had the bed facing another direction, and had found some matching material to cover the wall directly behind the headboard--looked great.

We noticed the new table and two chairs set up as a dining area, as she guided us into the little kitchen to show that the new kitchen sink was installed, complete with sideboard, new faucets, and new drain pipe--She told us that she had never even had a place to prepare food or put dishes before this.

Next we went into the larger room that had so many leaks in the roofing, that it was unusable.  She proudly showed us all of the new rafters, ridge beam, and adjoining wood structures that held up the new roof.  We could see that they had spread out into this room very nicely, effectively adding about 40 percent more living area.  The ceiling looked fresh and solid...

Now she looked even more pleased, as she hauled us through a door that used to lead to a cement floored, storage area, switched on a new light, and viola!  there was a new bathroom!!!  They had formed up two new walls and an entrance with mortar blocks, to make a large rectangular bathroom, she swept aside the curtain to show the new, large shower, and the new installed toilet, and pointed to an area where someday they hoped to put a wash basin.  (Well, we are buying that setup today when we go to Salinas for supplies).

As we were exiting through the other side of the room, I mentioned to her that it must be nice to have some privacy, si?  Well, this brought on a round of hugs, and big smiles all around.  This nice little grandmother, had not had a bathroom with a door on it for 20 years (or, even inside the house, for that matter), not to mention that she had to shower at someone else's home for all of these years, also.

So...it might not be the Taj Mahal, but it brought their home into the 20th century, at least--a good feeling day all around...

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