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You can borrow our Sun--but you have to give it back...

Being creatures of habit, Rox and I sit at our dining room table, at about 6:15 each night, and have dinner while watching the glorious sunset, as the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean.  Well, it's true that being on the Equator means that sunset and sunup are about the same time every day, all year.  However, that doesn't mean that we are immune to the tilt of the Earth, as it tips a little to favor the Northern Hemisphere.  Each day since March 21, we have noticed that our sun sets a little more North in the water each night.  Check out the angle...sunset%20showing%20angle%20small.jpg


Well, today is the 18th of June, and in three days the Summer Solstice will be here, and our little ol' sun will realize that he has strayed and will begin heading back to us.  And...in three months, he will be sitting due west of our dinner table, where he should be...


In addition, the dolphins were feeding mightily yesterday...they looked like a bunch of bucking broncos as they cruised north, chowing down on tons of fish.  Here is a picture that I liked...If you look closely, you will see a baby dorsal fin behind the lead mother dolphin...there were lots of babies in this group.dolphins%20%20pelican%20small.jpg



And, just to keep you up to date on the animals on the road these days, take a look at this bunch of goats taking over the main road.  That big ol' green bus slowed way down and eased his way on through.  They don't slow down for much, but little goats bring them to their knees...goats%20on%20road%20small.jpg

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