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Ecuadorian Dream--Nice House and plot of ground

We have a huge (what used to be bank-owned) parcel of land between Manglaralto and Montanita.  Probably 200 acres.  When we were in Cuenca, a huge D8 Cat went into this wilderness of weeds and carved out roads, and the government began hauling in all kinds of building materials for small concrete homes to sit on defined plots of land, big enough to fence in for a really nice garden.  These little places go free of charge, courtesy of the Ecuadorian Government, to folks who would never be able to afford their own places.  Here is the story in pictures

Here we see the forms for the concrete slab, complete with plumbing,  electricty, and sewer plumbed in...House%20project%201.jpg


Next, the slab is poured, and you see a skeleton of rebar in the house behind...




This rebar was delivered in huge trucks all pre formed...House%20project%203.jpg



This is one after the concrete has been poured...House%20walls%20poured.jpg





This pic show the wiring







Now ihere is a group of the houses--most of the labor is provided by the future residents, themselves.






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