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Dolphins for Breakfast--Killer Whales for Lunch...

This morning we must have had a gazillion fish in the ocean in front of us, 'cause we had all kind of sea birds fishing and crashing into the surf, and then we had a return of our dolphins from earlier this week.  We had thought that they were migrating north, but they were back feeding this morning as we drank our coffee.  Only this time, they didn't seem to have a continuing direction, they sort of just moseyed around and ate fish.  Then, as we were eating lunch, Rox mentioned that she thought she saw a huge splash to the South of us, about a half mile out.  I got out the binoculars (thanks Rich and Nancy), and watched and all of a sudden I saw two blow spouts, and excitedly yelled "whales" to Rox.  I continued to watch, thinking that this was kind of neat, when I saw the black back of a whale rise up, and continued rise up more, and more, until this huge monster whale was all the way out of the water, and seemed to hang there.  Then, all at once, she turned and there was a huge expanse of white as she threw herself down on her back and made a double splash like a giant karate chop in the water.

So, here we had two killer whales with two calves, and they put on quite a show all the way in front of us, from south to north.  The babies were all cream colored.  We don't know if they get their black backs when they mature or what.  Anyway, they all jumped up, wiggled their collective tails, danced on the water, and made huge splashes as they crashed down.

This has already been quite a day, since I got to see two of my favorite iguanas (they seem to hunker down when the weather turns a little colder), and Rox found a seven inch sand dollar during her walk.

Plus, the weather is perfect...

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