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A look at the new neighbors...

For quite awhile, our house has been pretty much the only one in our little stretch of beach.  Now with the ruins next to us torn down, and the addition of the following two new homes, our stretch is getting a little more upscale...take a look


Now this next house is mostly concrete with a really good bunch of sub-roof materials on it, and then they added a ton of old looking thatch.  The thatch is good for keeping the place cool when the sun is hot.  And, what is even more interesting, is that Rox and I saw these trees on a huge flat bed pulled by a huge Mack Tractor, as we went to Salinas for our supply run on Wednesday.  Little did we know that the trees would be erected just down the beach from us.  To give you some idea of their size, those are 20 foot long bamboo poles holding them steady, and the house is more that three stories high with 10 foot ceilings and peaked roof.  New%20house%20new%20trees%20small.jpg

Dolphins are still chowing down in front of our place...must be a ton of fish there...


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