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The Fishin' is easy...

Rox and I had noticed that though out the month of May, up until yesterday, there have been almost no large or small fishing boats out in the bay.  We figured that there was some kind of change in the fishing rules, sort of like in the US.

Well, yesterday, everything changed!!!  There were big and little boats close into our beach, and dozens more stretching out to the horizon.  The trucks that arrive with a boat and 20 guys kept running by us from south to north.  The most that we've seen is three trucks, and yesterday we must have seen eight.  (It is hard to picture that there are 160 men who can be drawn on to pull in fishing net lines  on the beach--all in the hope of a bag of fish.)

Isidro, our live-in guard-gardener, delighted in telling us that, for the last month ,there were no fish in the bay, and now there are tons.  As he spoke, more and more small and medium size "delivery" trucks sped by going the same way as the previous fishing trucks.   These trucks come back loaded with two, three and four feet of fish destined for the flour processing plants, dinner tables for everyone, and all the restaurants, who are still waiting for the tourists to arrive.

As I've mentioned before, when these nets are pulled onto the beach, everyone in the village shows up with a little plastic sack, and if the catch is decent, they all get something for the table...no charge...fishing%20boat%20truck.jpg

We have been told that here, they actually add ground up fish to the flour...it is hard to believe, but a couple of folks has said that it is so.  I will try to get a better verification about this.  I only know, that Ecuadorian flour tastes terrific.fish%20for%20all.jpg


These two lines of men are pulling on about 500 yards of line attached to a huge net that was laid down by the boat in the truck.  Each guy has a little green rope tied around his stomach, and as he comes up to the mainline to start pulling, he does some magic kind of knot that attaches his rope to the main line, so that he saves his hands, and pulls with his back and body...clever...fishing%20guys%20with%20ropes.jpg


The number of boats in the water has diminished from last night, but at 4:00 am, as I write this, there are still enough out there to make it look like a highway lit up by streetlights...

The hope, of course, is that this good fishin' will continue...

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