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It's Guy's Birthday--Make his Day--Give him a call...

As I was taking Coco outside in the middle of the night, I remembered that it was our old friend Guy's birthday today.  By "old Friend", I mean it.  We met Guy in 1948--that's right--sixty year ago!!!  To make a list of our adventures, good times, hard times, and all of those in-between, would take up many pages of this blog--suffice to say, it has been a good ride!!

Guy isn't connected to the internet just yet, so I am not going to put in a bunch of pics from the old days.  However, there is a slim chance that he may be in the Grants Pass area this weekend.  All of you really nice folks, who know Guy, might just make his day by giving him a little happy birthday call.  The number is:  (Five Four One  Four Four One--Eight Zero Three Nine)

Funny how the mind works...sometimes I go into the kitchen, and I don't have the foggiest idea why I went in there, but I can remember the first day the Hedges boys met Guy-- just like it was yesterday. 


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