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A Friend of a Friend is indeed a Friend...

Ron, an old army buddy, and lately a computer guru for a School District near Stanford Univ. recommended us to some teaching friends of his, who were leading a tour to the Galapagos.  Through email, we decided that they would be staying with us for a couple of nights, but it was really like a blind date--how well would we all get along, etc?  Well, not only did we get along, but we were instantly muy simpatico...it seemed that every view or observation held by Rox and me, was pretty darn close to those views championed by Al and Mary Lou.  The first night we talked until 1:15 in the morning, and it felt like those days when you first get to college and meet people who share your views, but are a lot smarter and more involved than you are.  Being college professors from Univ of Cal at San Diego, they have kept their views crisp, right on, and current.

We had some fun dinners and lunches in Montanita along the way...here are a couple of pics...All%20four%20with%20food.jpg



This last pic is Rox and May Lou planning their Wednesday from our place up into the Andes to Banos, where they hoped to relax with hot baths and massages...


They did a great job planning the trip, but the map neglected to point out that just out of Riobamba, there was a wash out on the road that a Mack Truck could have disappeared into.  So...they had to go around...a 2.5 hour detour in the dark.  They arrived in Banos at 8:30pm after driving for 12 hours...They called this morning...everything is fine, but we bet that they trade in their foot massage coupons for the full-body ones...If you have to rest up, Banos is the place...

So...a good story, and a good time for everyone...Nice to meet you Mary Lou and Al, and thanks mucho Ron for the intro!!!

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