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Hector & Yury's Really Nice Wedding Celebration...

As you regular blog readers already know, Hector was our waiter at the Casa Blanca Restaurant in Montanita from the very first day we rolled into the area.  (He still is!!!)  He has always treated us wonderfully, went out of his way to get me Coca Cola "Zero", and made sure that Rox had plenty of limes to go with her fried calamari, while making sure that I got extra Parmesan Cheese on my Spaghetti with Chicken Alfredo...

Here he is bringing us a bunch of Happy hour drinks when Rich and Nancy were here...Hector%20with%20drinks.jpg

And here are several pictures of the wedding in the church...Couple%20smiling%20at%20alter%20good.jpg


Their 10 week old baby was just perfect thruout the ceremony, and the Couple%20with%20baby%20at%20alter.jpglong party afterward.  Of course, there was never a shortage of grandparents and assorted relatives who wished to take a turn holding him...Here is Yury's dad taking a welcome turn...Bride%20father%20with%20their%20baby.jpg




Now that the religious and the civil ceremonies are completed, it is time to party!!!

And Do They EVER!!!

The way it works, we think, is that a reception, disk jockey, photographer, and set up crew are all one company...So beginning at about 10:00 pm, they open the doors to the party, and they march in very seriously in order of rank...

All this time, there is salsa music playing, and a DJ is talking a mile a minute with good wishes and mostly instructions.  Here is the entrance sign for Hector and YurY...Sign%20at%20entrance.jpg

Wedding%20hall%20empty%202nd%20start.jpgIt's hard to see, but there are dozens of these little tables and stools to the side of these two main rows.  The head table is to the right behind those monster speakers.  And get this--it is now approaching 11:00 pm!  We think to ourselves that it is too bad that not too many folks are coming.  This is the time when Hector rushes over to us to let us know that we have a special place at the head table.  Nice cushioned chairs, thankfully.  Not to mention, Coca Cola Zero for me and Rum and Coke for Rox...the rest of the folks had beer and soft drinks...Little by little, people begin to trickle in, bringing gift bags, topped with brightly colored bows, while receiving in exchange from the bride, a trinket, statuette, and box of wedding cake.  By the time we leave, we have seen at least 150 gift bags passed to the bride, while the place filled to about 250 guests, whew!

Here they are presiding over the event...Couple%20at%20head%20table%20start.jpg

And a nice little toast was led by the disk jockey to thunderous applause...


The bride in a candid moment...it's just amazing how these young folks can handle all of this pressure and still keep a smile on their faces.Yury%20laughing%20solo.jpg

Ok...I know you wanted to see a picture of us to make sure weren't making all of this up...so here I am with Hector...Bob%20and%20Hector%20front%20of%20church.jpg

And, here's Rox dancing with a really happy groom...Hector%20Rox%20dancing.jpg

When it got to be a quarter to one, we had to tell Hector that we were going to go home to bed...he was terribly disappointed that we were not going to stay until 5:00am when the party would be over...

Get this,  these parties are just streets blocked off...The music is really, really loud, and, in this case, was adjacent to two hostels.  You better enjoy the music, 'cause you don't have any choice. 

As we were leaving, we encountered more than 30 people, bearing gifts, just arriving...Many of the folks don't go to the wedding, they are just invited to the celebration...

It was a good night, with fun for all...


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