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Sometimes, the best of intentions...

You know that old saw about the best of intentions leading to unintended consequences, or something like that...probably mixing two or more metaphors...

As we have described before, the parrot that we inherited when we bought the place, is taken in at night to Agripina and Isidro's house.  This is great, in that we can talk with her and give her treats when she is on her perch outside, but they can take care of her at night. 

On Sunday, they are off, so sometimes they leave Lorraine inside, and sometimes out, depending on how late they will be returning.  So...today we look out to the perch in the mid-afternoon and she is not there, so we assume that they will be out late, and will not be around to take her in at 6:30 as they do every other day.

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that Lorraine was a little lethargic, so we Googled "Parrot care", and boy, you don't really want to know everything it takes to do it right.  But, we decided that she needed more fruit in her diet, so we have been buying her grapes, bananas, and mangos when we get supplies.  She likes the seeds in the grapes the best.

Well, at about 4:00 this afternoon, Rox says "I think I hear Lorraine".  So, we look over at her perch, but no Lorraine, BUT, she is staring at us from the bottom of our staircase.  Well, this is fun.  We only know that Isidro takes her in at night on a long stick.  She is a little nervous around us, and certainly has never been carried around by us.

So.  I get a four foot bamboo and try to walk gently up to Lorraine, and she walks away slowly...as I approach.  This is wonderful, as I think I am just going to chase her out of the yard, and no one is here to help.

Finally, I gain on her, walking and talking, soothingly.  What do you know?  She hops up on the stick!!!

So life is good, and we walk slowly back to her perch...I put her up there and she looks really agitated and starts to walk down the tree trunk.  It is then I realize that our grape offerings are completely covered with bees!!!

 We don't know if it is the sweet grape juice, or if the bees are swarming, but this is not good!  So, I ask Lorraine if she wants back on the stick, and she says "Sure"...so off we go to a spot on our living room.

Meanwhile, I get rid of all the fruit, her food bowl, and scrub everything down with Joy detergent.  Bees all left.

Now we are waiting for the folks to come home to rescue their cute parrot from our living room.  Take a look.Lorrain%20in%20LR.jpg

Stay tuned-more later..

Well, Agripina came home about 5:30, we told her about Lorraine's adventures with the bees, and her little walk over to our house.  Agripina didn't seem surprised.  She gave me the Spanish word for bee swarm, but it went in and right out of my brain.

She came up to the living room, Lorraine jumped on her stick, and off they went with a pile of grapes destined for "inside eating".

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