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A Little Fun at our Own Expense...

Well, if you cant laugh at yourself, then somehow, you don't understand the situation...

We were sitting at our "head table" at the Casa Blanca Saturday night, when we noticed a new artist getting quite a crowd.  It turned out he was the cartoon guy, who, for a few bucks would draw your head really big, and exaggerate all the features that you knew were too big already...

We watched him do four girls, a couple of guys, and a dad and his little girl, to broad smiles by all--but mostly the onlookers...

When there was a lull in the action, we called the artist over to see if we could get us and the bar scene done...we haggled a little and agreed on the price...

Rox likes hers, but doesn't like the big mouth and teeth, and I quickly pointed that at least she didn't have wild eyebrows, hairy legs, monster toes, and chicken legs...that made her feel better.

So...take a look...bobnrox%20cartoon%20small.jpg

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