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Nice Vibes From Bride's Mom for Circus Tent Wedding Entry!!!

Well, we got some really nice vibes from the Bride's mother for featuring the Rock and Roll wedding in this blog.  Since we were just bystanders, with no scorecard, we actually missed the real bride and groom in our last series.  So...mom sent us a couple, and we found a couple more.  We plan to put them in with the original entry, but here they are in all of their glory!!!


We have to say, that this wedding took the cake for really fun, and lotsa class...pretty people, too!!!

Here are mom's original words:

Hola Roberto y Roxana
Gracias a Uds. por sus lindas palabras sobre la boda. Quiero contarles que fue hecha con mucho cuidado y amor. Que contrario a la impresión que tal vez dio, no hubo exceso de gastos,  sino un gran esfuerzo para que fuera  original y linda como pensamos que son nuestros hijos.
Liliana y Juan (She included their last name, but we left it off for privacy)

To Lilliana y Juan:  Es nuestro placer!!! 

(Our interpretation:)

Hello Bob & Roxanne

Thank you for your nice words about the wedding.  I want to tell you that it was done with great care and love, and that contrary to the impression that it was overly expensive, It was our great effort to make it original and beautiful, just like our children!


Liliana &  Juan


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