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School's Out--Montanita's On Fire!!!

Man oh Man, is it ever hot in Montanita...we went out to din din last night, sat at the head table, and could hardly eat, as our heads were spinning trying to keep up with the people-watching. The Ecuadorians are a very handsome people, and the young ones are just, knock your socks off, good-looking!!!  Naturally the chicas are great, but the young men dress smartly, have great builds, and look like models for GQ...

I don't think there is even one Ecuadorian, boy or girl, who can't put a soccor ball whereever they wish, with terrific; force. They all play, and they are in great shape!!! Sort of like those great looking Scandinavians who ski and hike all the time...

The guys all wear tee shirts with a jillion sayings on them, or the number of the latest sports hero. Of course, I would never spend what they do, on a tee shirt...actually, my brother Dave gave me six great ones that I wear all the time...

However, the real story is the girl's outfits...They all look great!!! Short shorts, low cut tops, great vests, hats, peddle pushers, capris, tee shirts, tank tops, all mixed up and looking good!!!

For the last three months, things have been puttering along at a pretty slow pace, tourist-wise.  There have been plenty, but nothing like we saw last night!!!  For starters, it felt like Bourbon Street during Marti Gras...people jamming the streets, everyone smiling, trying to be seen, and a few folks carrying around beer, but mostly food. 

As we were eating, there were repeated floods of new people passing by, as each new bus unloaded more folks here to party, but mostly look, and hopefully "be seen"...

We had to tell the guys that we were going to Cuenca for a month, and they were so disappointed, that we decided to go to Sunday Brunch this morning...just to cheer them up...here are som pics...Kelly loved my "Aviator" glasses...I guess I will have to get a couple of extra pair to pass around...

Then he had to have a pic with Rox

And, of course, we couldn't neglect Hector...

 Here are a few street vendors and night scenes from Saturday night..

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