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The Casa Blanca keeps on Giving...

Well, all of you regular readers know that we have a lot of fun and eat a lot of good food at the Casa Blanca.  You might have forgotten that we also got the lead for our beach house there, and the invites to some fun weddings and other stuff, including our latest Spanish lessons...

So...here is another plus...we were sitting there having dinner last week, telling the guys that we were driving the 8 hour drive to Cuenca, this Friday.  Well, the tables are all jammed together, and everyone can hear everyone else.  After the guys left, a young man came over and introduced himself as a high school teacher from Guayaquil--he spoke perfect English--and he said that we were using the wrong road to get to Cuenca.  We were missing the "new" road.  Well, all of our maps show only one road that even makes sense, but we were polite.   We talked another half hour about lots of stuff, and then we took off, promising to check out a newer map on the Internet.

There were lots of old maps, and only this one new one:

http://www.exploringecuador.com/maps/ecuador_road_map.htm (this website has lots of good info on Ecuador)

So, our new way of going is to head south down Ruta Del Sol to a shortcut bypassing Salinas, and then heading east thru Guayaquil, continuing on for about an inch on the map, and turn due south for about 60 Km, then turn east for Cuenca...this sounds great to us, as we are missing some of the worst roads in Ecuador.  We also get to go through a National Park with about 100 lakes...we hope to take lots of great pictures.  Also, this will be a new area where all the indigenous people live, so there should be some good "people" shots.

Plus, my wireless internet is about 20 times faster in Cuenca...

A couple of you wrote to ask if we were going to Cuenca to escape the heat and humidy on the Coast.  Remember, that it's" winter" down here for us, so our days are about 70 degrees, we still wear shorts, but there are more clouds, and sometimes we put on a sweatshirt.  A good comparison might be Santa Cruz on its best days in Spring and Fall. We use a couple of blankets to keep warmer at night.   In short, the weather is perfect now.  We are going for a change of pace.  Cuenca is full of great restaurants--a lot of them with a Europeon flair...

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