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A Rock n' Roll Wedding Circus--Right Next Door!!!

Last Monday, we glanced over to the vacant lot next door and discovered that they had someone erect a series of 20 foot bamboo poles in concentric circles...well this got our attention, in that we had heard that they were thinking of building a real house.  So, we asked our people, and were informed that a well to do couple from Guayaquil was going to be married here the following Saturday.  So, all week, we have been watching this Ali Baba creation take shape.  No one that we have spoken to here has seen this kind of a set up before, and we don't remember seeing anything like it, either.  Here are several pics to give you a flavor of what we saw during the week.  girl%20high%20on%20pole.jpg




girl%20pulling%20up%20bunting.jpgThis young lady was hanging down from a ladder barely leaning on a skinny 20 foot bamboo pole stuck in the sand.  Pretty cool...




And, here it is mostly done on Friday...Tent%20from%20our%20house.jpg

That pic was shot from our place, upper deck of back bedroom.

On Saturday morning, they made a little ceremony setup right, almost in the waves...table%20by%20ocean%20with%20chairs%20good.jpg




Now, what is really neat, is that, instead of the white gown and tux, that we normally see everywhere, these folks had on funny hats and noses.   So take a look at some of the folks as they head on past our fence to the beach side ceremony,,,Bride and Groom are first.  Some of these shots were telephoto and reduced, so might be a little on the fuzzy


side, but you get the idea...bride%20and%20groom.jpg


And a multitude of other fun lovin' folks...Red%20nose%20good.jpg























Now that everyone has made it to the beach...they have lprobably what is considered the "civil" ceremony.  The main one is almost always in the church.  It didn't take very long, and that's good, 'cause you can see that they live in a big city, pretty far removed from concern for high tide...

After this was over, everyone went back to the circus tent, had drinks served, then toasts, and all during this was the most wonderful rock and roll we have heard in years.

They had a pretty cool looking sit down dinner with formal looking waiters...they went easy on the booze, lots of punch, a bunch of beer, but hard stuff seemed rare. 


It all started out with "Gimme some more of that Rock and Roll", went on to "Celebration", Hit a lot of "Grease" songs, Elvis, Beatles, Glenn Miller and that was hot...All in English...

Then they switched to hot salsa for quite awhile, but intermixed Ricky Martin who sings his songs half in English and the rest in Spanish...

So...we just had a great night...


And...the disc jockey had enough horsepower to knock the socks off the folks in Montanita 3 kim away, but he kept the volume down to a fun level...and they shut down by about 12:30...pretty darn decent!!!

Some weddings that we have heard from our apartment in Cuenca are at full blast until about 5:00 in the morning...these folks have a lot more class...(very much so...)





And...this is the tent at night...it was a lot better than this picture, and sounded great, too!tent%20at%20night.jpg





Here is a shot of Agripina and Isidro, the folks who give us a hand around here.  They invited one of their daughters over to watch the festivities.  Just thought you might like to see the whole crew..Agripina%20%20Isidro.jpg.

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Hola Bob y Roxane soy Liliana,la madre de la novia. Me encantan las fotos y que nos hayan dado la oportunidad de verlas, pero nos gustaría enviarles algo muy importante que les hace falta... la verdadera foto de los novios. Así que por favor mándennos un mail para poder compartirlas con Uds.
un abrazo

July 7, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterliliana garcés

Hi Liliana...thank you for writing--our email address is bobnrox@gmail.com We enjoyed the wedding next door very much. Thanks again, Bob & Roxanne

Hola liliana. Muchas gracias por palabras amables--nuestro direccion de internet es bobnrox@gmail.com. Vamos a poner las fotos de los novios in este blog, cuando Ud las envie...
Muchas gracias otra vez...Roberto y Roxana

July 14, 2008 | Registered CommenterBob & Roxanne

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