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Nine hours driving in the Andes--Back where we began...

In the proceeding entry, I describe the fun we had when we blew out the gas line in the middle of nowhere...this is how we spent the next five hours--after we were back on the road.

The road crew all told us that to gas up, we had to go back (all fuel had leaked on the ground--now we had one eighth of a tank), so we turned around to get to the nearest gas station which was about 20 miles, more or less, downhill,  rather than up.  So we tooled along, thinking that we would spend about a half hour getting the tank full, then turn around and go to Cuenca.  At this time, we still thought that we could get there before dark at about 7:00 pm.

Well, the road is not exactly a freeway, so it took an hour-- but...in another sign of progress, the driveway into the gas station was full of wet concrete, so that it would smoothly connect to the new cement road fronting the place, and it was closed.  Now, we are told that the next gas station is 45 km away.  We still keep going south, wind around for an hour and a half, find the station, gas up, and now it is 4:00 pm...way too late to get to Cucnca before dark...

As you can see, this little burro is cute as hell, but he doesn't go to bed just because the sun goes down.  So, if you are driving down the road, in the dark, you must watch out for him, his cousins, the llamas, sheep, and horses, and folks driving herds of same...not too good...

So...Rox says, let's call the hotel and see if we can get our old room back--we did--they said fine--we drove another 90 minutes, practically cried when we were welcomed so warmly by the staff--got to our great room, took showers, ordered a great dinner in, and all was well with the world again...

So, I guess the moral of the story is...try to make your own luck, don't give up, treat people right, be courteous (as we always are to the road crews--we always tell them what a good job they are doing, and we mean it!!), and go with the flow...

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