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Having Fun, Eating Well above 11,000 Feet...

The last two Sundays have seen us driving west from Cuenca, up above the lip of the bowl surrounding the city,  to see the El Cajas National Forest, and to eat in a fabulous German-Austrian style restaurant.  This Restaurant specializes in trout dishes.  There are a dozen or so ponds teaming with trout, fed by cold mountain streams.  Take a look...

We ordered the trout special which featured a huge, boned trout, slathered with a delicious white sauce, covered with shrimp, mushrooms, and some other goodies...really good potatoes finished off the plate.  Being hungry, I opted for the full lunch with soup and dessert.  The soup was a fabulous potato with a thick base and goodies...but the dessert was filled with rum...I got three pieces of various German cakes, and they were oozing with booze...but yummmmmy!!!

They also let families fish for their own trout...kids are fifty cents, and adults are a buck fifty.

After falling off our chairs from such a great lunch, we headed up another 1000 feet to enter the El Cajas National Forest.  We only saw a little part of it, and it is mostly wilderness, and highly protected.  Here are a few pics...

Thot you might like to see a pic of Rox relaxing on our deck...

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