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Shooting a Moose to get votes

One of the thrills of my life was during a time when we were selling our resort in Mendocino County in Northern California while living in Southern Oregon, and I had to drive for 7 hours along the West Coast to get there.  Usually I was privileged to see herds of coastal elk numbering in the 50 to 70 range.  It was inspring that these great animals could exist along the busy highway 101 traffic, but they did.  I watched these herds for two years and loved every minute.  I took many pictures.

Now we are being asked to elect a Commander in Chief based on the fact that she loves to shoot moose and make moose stew!!!


Moose are near sighted and move very slowly, because most of the their natural enemies have been killed off by man.  So...killing a moose is like shooting a horse in your neighbors yard.  In fact, if you can't shoot a horse, maybe a cow will do.

Here are a couple of pictures of these animals--If you think shooting them is just fine, then vote accordingly.

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