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A Family Sunday in Gualalceo

Well, we took a little ride to the picturesque town of Gualalceo last Sunday.  We took a bunch of pictures of the local market, and the city park where hundreds of folks came to picnic, play games with their kids, and just enjoy good quality family time.

The park extends for about a half mile on both sides of the river that runs thru the town, and there is a little boat that putts around if a family wishes to take a little ride.

Here is the sign for the park...

I didn't take a long shot of all the families, but this will give you a flavor of the picnic areas

folks taking a boat ride

Some guy taking a shot of the boat on the river

And everyone gets a chance to buy a trinket or balloon.

Mother and Daughter

Not quite sure what this represents, but it is interesting...

We left the park, driving thru town to the Indigenous people's market...

They even have pranksters in Ecuador--and in English, no less!  Speaking of which...I didn't get a pic, but a young guy walked by with a tee shirt with big writing saying "The three kings  JIM, JOHN, & JACK"  Took me a minute to realize that the shirt was referring to Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, and Jack Daniels...duh!!

Saw a really cute 12 year oldl girl wearing a tee shirt saying "Kiss me quick on the lips"

I wonder of Mom knew what her offspring's shirt was advertising...

On the way to the market we passed a street band playing the square, and there was a tour bus in front of them changing a tire.  The folks, who had to get off while the bus was jacked up, were making good use of their time and the sound of the music...

Here are few general shots of the market...busy, busy, busy...

This cheese tastes great...

I watched as an indigenous lady carefully selected five chicks, put them in a big paper bag, and paid a buck them all.

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