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It's almost election time in Ecuador

The people of Ecuador will be voting on a new constitution on Sep 28 (Sunday--so all can take part).  It seems that it will pass, and it will bring a measure of dignity and new opportunity to millions of Ecuador's less entitled classes.  The provisions provide for increased support for education and money for college, more health issues to be covered, medical, and probably more sex education, a greater share of oil revenues to go to the people, elimination of foreign military forces from Ecuadorean soil, decriminalization of visa violations (basically, foreigners who overstay their visas), and more money for infrastructure, meaning homes for very poor, roads, sidewalks, sewer and water systems...

The Bush Administration condemns this as a "leftist" regime, but "what the hey", it looks pretty darn good to us!!!

I'm thinking that in this last eight years, many "banana republics" have gotten the word, and will not stand for bribing a few corrupt officials, just so that the oil and other natural resources can be plundered.  Plus, their presidents are banding together, so that "outside forces" can not play them against one another to create needless wars, which allow nefarious schemes to be carried out.

Here some of the signs promoting the change..."Vote yes a thousand times for change"

We plan to take a bunch of pictures during the voting process, just to show the joy the people have in participating in a real democracy...

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