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Warships and Killer Whales!!!

We've been a little remiss in keeping this blog up to date...sort of been going with the flow as we wait for spring...

The weather has been getting warmer, but the nights are still nice and cool.  We go out to eat, walk on the beach, shop in Salinas, and generally get a lot of reading done on the deck, as we watch the tides come and go...

Yesterday, the fishing boats out in front of us seemed to be an awfully lot bigger, so we grabbed the binoculars to take a look, and zowieeee, there were four destroyers moving from South to North in a loose convoy.  They were taking their time, so we got to watch them for about 40 minutes.  Will get a little more info on why, but probably it was just a practice run to give the Navy guys a little hands on experience.

This morning as we settled on the deck for our first cup of coffee,  Rox said "Whales!", and sure enough, we started seeing spouts from left to right.  We must have a ton of fish to eat in front of us, 'cause these guys were swimming back and forth in front of us.  We think that there were four or six.  Counting whales is sort of like watching submarine races (if you ol' coots can remember that far back...), but we think we got the count right.  Lots of fun...

Spring is really just around the corner, and we are tapping our footsies to the sound of music...actually, rock and roll...

We had never thought of buying a stereo, 'cause watching the waves is fun and pretty loud..  We were having dinner with a really nice couple from Canada a few weeks ago, and noticed that they had great music on their stereo, and made the comment that CD's must be really expensive here.  They told us that, on the contrary, they were all about a buck, with movies going for about $1.50.  We were shocked, cause we had heard all the stuff about poor quality with bootleg stuff.

So we checked it out, and sure enough the CD's were made by a reputable company, and most of the rock was over 35 years old, well past the double 17 year protection of copyrighting...we bought a boom box on sale, and spent 20 bucks on 20 CD's and we are have a blast--literally!!!

Rox put on an Ecuadorean rock tape for Agripina, for when she was cleaning the house, and her husband, Isidro, told us that she was dancing the whole day as she did the cleaning...good times for all...

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