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Coasting down the Andes to the Beach...

Well we loaded up our junk, after a delightful month in Cuenca at the 8400 foot level, and took off for the Coast on a really nice sunny day.  As we've said before, we have to drive for an hour up, up and up to get to the lip of the bowl that surrounds Cuenca, so when we finally do start down, we go from about 11,500 feet.  It was just a perfect day...cool, high clouds, nobody on the road, and a bunch of llamas to get our cameras working.  It is really fascinating to see wild llamas just grazing by the road.  Some seem to belong to the indigenous people, but there a bunch that are not tagged, and seem to be on their own.

We feel exceptionally fortunate in that we can enjoy Cuenca, with a definite European flair, cool nights, lots of ex-pats to tell lies to, and a bunch of fun restaurants...plus knock your socks off, scenery...and then just coast to the Coast for a completely different life on the beach, lots of freaks, fun food, much less infrastructure, but a feeling of a free life on the beach, circa California in the 20's...

Today, we had coasted downhill for two hours, when we came around a bend, where we usually see the plain that stretches to Guayaquil and the Coast, but instead, all we saw was a feather bed of clouds...took us another 45 minutes to get low enough to go thru them, but we were in cloud cover until we reached the beach and turned north to Manglaralto, then the sun burst out, the humidity went up a little, and the temp went up about 20 degrees.  The ocean and the sea air were like a tonic.  How can you take yourself too seriously when you see the vast expanse of wonderful sea stretching west forever...

Agripina and Isidro, our resident helpers, were waiting at the gates to let us in,  we had hugs all around, and then we made a bunch of trips to get the wagon unpacked--it seems that no matter how much room we have in the car, we always seem to be able to fill it...

After getting all the perishables into the fridge, we said heck with the rest of the unpacking, and got drinks and sat on the deck to enjoy the waves...We were loving every minute of it, when we suddenly saw spouts just beyond the wave break.  We know that these are killer whales, and sure enough, in about five minutes, two of them were putting on a dance on their tail, and make a big splash show...We couldn't have been more thrilled.  Rox said "they must be happy that we are back"...I said "sure"!!!

Then, to cap it off, the sunset was fabulous...pics a little later

All in all, a really good day...plus there is no TV, so blood pressure is normal...

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