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Well folks...we have eased in to that Never-Never land of the first business day of 2009 being on the Friday of a four day weekend...

Now...I don't have a clue as to whether or not this is really good or really bad, or, actually doesn't mean a damn thing...

Here is what I wish it might signify:

That, maybe people and Nations could get along better...

and that maybe 2009 will be everything we hope it can be, personally and politically...

The world and its people need a break from all of this hatred that is roiling around the planet and through its neighborhoods...

So, here is an idea...let's not try to change the world, let's do it one smile at a time. 

Instead of rushing headlong into our frantic life, next Monday, let's start a little bit slower and begin by telling our families how much we appreciate them, then maybe taking that little bit of time with each stranger and contact to make the meeting a little bit friendlier. 

We all know how to do it--It's just taking a small amout of time to see the other guy's point of view...and maybe, at least, trying to see why he believes that way, and to question as to whether or not our view is absolutly right, while his is absolutely wrong.

Maybe 2009, getting off to a rolling start, as they say on the speedways, is a way to begin a kinder and gentler year, where hate is not the first reason for every headline.

As our good friend Art says "I just keep trying, until I get the other guy to smile a little"

So everyone...Have a great 2009...

Pick up the phone and make that call that you put off over the holidays...you will make someone feel great!!!


 So now that you have that special person in mind that you are going to call, and you are going to make someone new smile with you today, here are a couple of pics just to show the mood at the beach and in Montanita...

 Took Coquita in for her first haircut...she didn't much like the sound of the electric shears, but she was pretty good...got the "owner's cut" where everything is just about half as long as when you started.  The whole Vet bill including ear and eye exam and cleaning was $5.00...Here she is:


Here are a couple of very amature photos of Montanita to show the activity...



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