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Computer Help--When and Where you need it!!!

I don't spend any time plugging commercial enterprises, but I have to pass along this information regarding Home-grown folks with over 20 years experience in the computer repair field, who provide a guaranteed service to fix your computer problem, right in your own home!!!

Mike and Sandy Lewis are the wonderful folks who have moved into our home in Grants Pass, adopted our kitties, and made our Koi and Goldfish thrive...

They have pretty darned good looking horses, and have built facilities on the property to make sure that they are treated like royalty...

Now, what they do, when you have a problem with your computer, is calmly talk you through the steps required to fix it, or if you are really lucky, you can download a little program, and Sandy or Mike will start fixing your computer right in front of your eyes!!!  It is really strange to see your cursor moving on your screen, and doing all the right things.

All of us know how it feels when we are talking to some computer tech who makes no bones about the fact that you are easily the dumbest person he has ever talked to, and why do you think you can waste his "valuable time"

Well--Mike and Sandy are completely the opposite!!!  They tell you to settle down, talk more slowly, and together you will both get the to bottom of the problem, with no stress, and no intimidation...what a nice experience!!!

Just about everyone you have seen featured in our birthday entries, who live in the Grants Pass area, have used Mike and Sandy personally...so if you wish to have references before you call them, I will pass along a couple of names you could contact...

Here are their two websites:  www.nationwideacs.com and 

 ASAP Computer Consulting   www.asap-computers.com

So Folks...it would be really nice if you passed this info along to any friends who might need some quality help, at a guaranteed price, while being treated with dignity and respect...

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