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Saved an Iguana today!

Barking dogs don't usually merit much attention from us, as they do their thing and then they quiet down, but today, we were disturbed by a bunch of incessant barking.  Rox finally got up to see what the fuss was about, and she reported that two dogs had chased an iguana into the surf and were terrifying the little guy by their aggressive postures and loud barking.

Well, we both walked out there, along with a few of the neighborhood kids who were taking a break from their sandy soccer game.  Rox got there first and told one of the older kids to go get a stick.  She had the idea that, after shooing away the dogs, that we could shepherd the little iguana back to safety. 

Most animals caught in the wild do not like to be "shepherded with a stick", so we went to plan B, which was for one of the boys to slide the pole under our little buddy's armpits, and then I would grab the other side and hope that he could hang on while we carried him the 100 yards to our yard.

This is his picture taken in August...


He is probably about two years old, and has grown about 6 inches in the last couple of months, and with his tail, he is about 3.5 feet long.  The reason that you don't just bend down and pick up an iguana is that they have six inch claws and very well developed shoulder muscles, which means that when they panic, they can take a lot of skin right off you before you can even think of letting go.  They are vegetarians, so they don't really tend to fight with their mouths and teeth...goodie...

The rest of the rescue came off without a hitch, as we walked him across the beach, through our gate, and carefully set him down next to the big palm tree in front of the deck.  He remained frozen for about 20 minutes, and then slowly walked to the palm that is in the foreground for all of our sunset photos, climbed up slowly, made it through the canopy, and will probably recharge his batteries for the next several days.

So...all in all, a good day, and a great feeling...



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