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A glorious drive over the Andes...

As you regular readers know, we commute between our condo in Cuenca and our place at the Beach here at the Coast...

Sometimes the drive is cloudy or foggy, but last week the sky was blue with huge pillows of white clouds, and the air was clear as crystal...all this made viewing the rugged granite mountains that much more impressive, so we are going to just put in a few pics to show you how it was...

First off, we got behind a "cowboy truck", which was taking these modern cowboys up to the 12,000 foot level to string barbed wire...shades of the old west!


We were going slowly enough to see a herd of llamas grazing by the road and snapped a shot of this new baby...not doubt who her daddy is...the big gold chief that we have featured a couple of times previously...

Here are several shots of the impressive granite peaks that we are awed by...





 I am sure that a bunch of our Texas readers are impressed that these guys are "stringin' wire" at 12,000 feet, and driving fence posts into solid granite..".Todo, this ain't Kansas anymore, and it sure as hell ain't Texas prairie..."


In this next pic, you can see a cloud bank down in that valley in the middle of the shot...and being that it's top is about 4000 feet,  it seems that we can just coast down to it, and be there in minutes...well, it takes an hour to reach those clouds, and then everything changes...it goes from dry granite, to humid jungle, 'cause...the sun almost never comes out at this altitude...

So...here is a shot of the jungle stuff, and you will notice the filtered light that makes it thrive...


It was a great and interesting trip over the Andes and through the Cajas National Forest, and the drive through the zillions of acres of farms was fun, too...everything is green and growing, 'cause it's Spring down here, and the plants know it.

And, that's not all!  We hit Guayaquil, the city we love to hate, and blew through that town in twenty minutes flat!  It's about the same as doing it in LA...makes you feel good to see it in the rear view mirror!!!

Agripina and Isidro greeted us at home...off loaded all the junk...all in time for drinks on the deck and another glorious ocean sunset...




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    A glorious drive over the Andes... - You can join here... - BobnRox
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    A glorious drive over the Andes... - You can join here... - BobnRox
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    A glorious drive over the Andes... - You can join here... - BobnRox

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