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We became "Ex-Pats" two years ago today--what a ride!

On this day, exactly two years ago, we took off from Portland, Oregon on Continental for our first and last trip to Ecuador.  We had never been to South America, but we knew that Ecuador would be magic for us, and we were right!

Here is the blog entry for part of that day...

http://bobnrox.squarespace.com/journal/2007/10/3/houston-bobnrox-have-landed.html         here's the other part...



We will be celebrating in Montanita at the Casa Blanca--our home away from home--and we might even take a picture or dos...stay tuned!

Here's a shot of us just before we take off for din din...



And, of course, we have to have a shot at the Casa Blanca...as usual, they fixed everything for us perfectly...plus, there were lots of strolling tourists to make the scene more interesting...

Those hand signals signify two years in Ecuador, and not necessarily "Peace", but that's not such a bad idea, either...

My Brother Jim, a fine guy, has a birthday today...Happy Birthday Jim...


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